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Eirik Garnas is a nutritionist, blogger, writer for several health websites and magazines, and personal trainer with additional courses in sales/coaching, kettlebells, body analysis, and functional rehabilitation. He has spent several years helping clients of all ages and sizes reach their health & fitness goals. Subscribe to for more from Eirik on medicine, nutrition, and health.

Can You Eat Your Way to a ‘Brad Pitt Jawline’?

Those who’ve read the scientific literature on Paleo and/or spent some time scouring through ancestral health blogs online are well aware of the fact that colon cancer, type-2 diabetes, obesity, and many other chronic health disorders we suffer from in today’s society are rare or virtually nonexistent among hunter-gatherers and traditional people who are largely unaffected by modern lifestyle habits. What is sometimes forgotten is that it’s not just the prevalence of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other diseases that are among the leading causes of death in the modern world that have skyrocketed since our hunter-gatherer days, but also the

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