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Dr. Mark J. Smith graduated from Loughborough University of Technology, England, with a Bachelor of Science in PE & Sports Science and then obtained his teaching certificate in PE & Mathematics. As a top-level rugby player, he then moved to the United States and played for the Boston Rugby Club while searching the American college system for an opportunity to commence his Master’s degree. That search led him to Colorado State University where Dr. Smith completed his Masters degree in Exercise and Sport Science, with a specialization in Exercise Physiology. He continued his studies in the Department of Physiology, where he obtained his Doctorate. His research focused on the prevention of atherosclerosis (the build up of plaque in arteries that leads to cardiovascular disease); in particular, using low-dose aspirin and antioxidant supplementation.

Recent research study challenges the Paleolithic diet’s benefit on gut and cardiovascular health and adds that whole grain sources may be required

When you have been a proponent of Paleolithic nutrition for nearly 30 years, have read the research on its health benefits, and have knowledge of thousands of individuals that have benefited by its adoption, you receive negative research1 with a healthy dose of skepticism.  That being said, one still has to examine the research and make an objective assessment to either include it in the database of relevant studies, move it into the “more research needed” column, or confidently challenge it as yet another biased attempt to discredit an important area of nutritional research. I say this because we’ve been

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The Oldest Human or the Greatest Scam of All Time?

Russian researcher claims 122-year-old Jeanne Calment was actually a 99-year-old imposter. Jeanne Louise Calment was a woman from Arles, France who has long been documented as the oldest human being.  Her longevity has not surprisingly attracted much interest in her lifestyle and eating habits, including those of us here at The Paleo Diet®.  She was born on February 21st, 1875 and died on August 4th, 1997, equating to a lifespan of 122 years and 164 days.  Or at least, that is what the current records show. However, on December 19, 2018, Nikolay Zak, Ph.D. a Russian mathematician, published a research

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Our food & beverage store philosophy . . .

Since the early research of Dr. Loren Cordain on Paleolithic nutrition, the modern Paleo movement has gained such a large following worldwide that today, it is the most searched diet on Google. The popularity of the Paleo diet has also led to many companies producing and promoting products that are labeled “Paleo,” with varying degrees of truth to that label. Some are not even close to being Paleo; some are a better version of available products that could be thought of as “Paleo inspired;” and others are, in fact, Paleo! 

For some people, buying Paleo-labeled products can help to stay

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Coffee Drinking Revisited: It’s not Paleo, but are there any therapeutic benefits?

By Mark J. Smith, Ph.D. and Loren Cordain, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Colorado State University Previous blogs at The Paleo Diet about coffee have not exactly given a glowing report for the common beverage. These included a discussion of whether coffee is Paleo and also its effects on the brain (Part One and Part Two.) However, the research on coffee is expanding rapidly with over seven percent of all studies on its health effects being published in the last year. A great deal of new research is pointing in the direction that previously unknown benefits may help outweigh the negatives, resulting

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Christina Warinner “Debunking the Paleo Diet” Rebuttal

In May, 2013, I posted a response to the January, 2013 TED lecture by Christina Warinner in Norman, Oklahoma, titled “Debunking the Paleo Diet”. The website where my response was first posted is no longer in existence, consequently, because this lecture is often referenced, and has now had well over a million views, we feel it is worth re-posting my rebuttal here at   Christina Warinner’s “Debunking the Paleo Diet”, obscurantism at its very best. by Mark J. Smith, Ph.D. – May 12, 2013 (TED lecture link: After receiving a number of requests to comment on the TEDxOU

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Very recently, Dr. Cordain reached out to me, his first Paleo graduate student, and Trevor Connor, his last Paleo graduate student, to help him launch a new vision and mission for his website; Today, we are excited to begin a new era, with a renewed vision and mission, that coincides with our recent new website launch. We have over a thousand articles about Paleolithic nutrition at the website and now you can easily find a specific topic by searching 32 blog categories. As time passes, new science can change previous held beliefs and; as has happened before, we will

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I smell a rat, well actually prediabetic New Zealand Obese (NZO) mice.

In this month’s journal Nutrition & Diabetes, a paper titled “A low-carbohydrate high-fat diet increases weight gain and does not improve glucose tolerance, insulin secretion or β-cell mass in NZO mice” hit the headlines around the globe because of the University of Melbourne’s (home of the paper’s authors) publicity of the paper via an online article by Jane Gardner in Pursuit (Link Here).   Of course the click-bait title of this article, “Paleo diets = weight gain”, is a little different from that of the journal paper in question.  In fact, if you download the PDF version of the study

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Get fitter this year in just 3½ minutes per week

So with the New Year upon us, diet and exercise resolutions typically feature prominently in many people’s lives.  However, in most cases, these resolutions fail fairly quickly and; in many cases, they have already been broken.  Despite the well-recognized beneficial impact of regular exercise on numerous health parameters, exercise participation and adherence in the general population remains poor1 – ‘lack of time’ being one of the most commonly cited reasons why individuals fail at committing to a regular exercise program2.  Consequently, it would be prudent to examine effective exercise programs that do not require a significant time commitment. Last year,

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Over 25 Years of Eating Paleo And Counting

Some thoughts and considerations… Getting older has its merits; but, of course along with it, the typical thoughts that go along with the ever-accelerating passage of time. The latter are likely more positive when one is healthy, allowing for the enjoyment of the beneficial elements of aging and yet so many individuals suffer considerably with chronic disease as their years progress. And, it is not a stretch to say that the majority of these situations are preventable.  I turned 50 last year and I am extremely fortunate that I can say I feel little difference physically to when I was

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Interval Training: Stop with the Tabatas and do some Gibalas!

Sprinting would obviously have been a necessary requirement for Paleolithic hunter-gatherers, both for the procurement of food and to avoid becoming food! Those who want to argue against that statement with the “persistence hunting” position, I will address that in a future post. Regardless, let’s fast forward to modern day and address a topic pertinent to my initial statement. To say that “Tabatas” have become an extremely popular interval training protocol in the fitness industry would be an understatement. When I wrote a position paper1 back in 2008 on the benefits of sprint interval training, the research conducted by Izumi

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