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Nell Stephenson is a competitive Ironman athlete, personal trainer, and a health and nutrition consultant. She has an exercise science degree from the University of Southern California, a health/fitness instructor certification from the American College of Sports Medicine, and over a decade in the health, fitness and nutrition industry. To support her training for the Ironman Triathlon, Nell has tried many different nutritional plans and has found that the Paleo Diet is superior to all other ways of eating. She’s found that she’s leaner, faster, and fitter than ever before and uses her own experience to teach clients how to achieve optimal nutrition and health. Visit her website at . Download meal plans tailored to you .

Fun Ways to Keep Fit in the Winter

With the 2018 Winter Olympics upon us, you may be rethinking those excuses that it’s “too cold outside”. We’ve all been guilty of using the dark morning and the bone-chilling weather as an excuse not to workout during the winter. You’re not alone, but that doesn’t mean you should go with the flow. Studies (1) show that  not exercising in winter leads to:    A 20 percent decrease in cardiopulmonary fitness within just three to eight weeks of not exercising    A loss of whatever advantages they gained over time   A Higher rate of reverting to a sedentary lifestyle within three to

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Keto Paleo Holiday

What’s the best way to avoid holiday weight gain? Skip the sugar. Easier said than done, right? How exactly can one do that when temptations abound in the midst of trying to stay true to one’s New Year’s goals? By following a ketogenic approach to their Paleo regime. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.   Imagine how easy it would be to avoid candy, syrupy cocktails, and desserts of all types if they just didn’t appeal to you.   When your body adapts to eating more fat and less carbohydrates, you simply don’t have the cravings for that

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How to Stay Lean In the Off-Season

Are you an athlete heading into the off–season, and feeling concerned about how best to avoid putting on those holiday pounds? Or perhaps you’re just wondering how to avoid putting on those holiday pounds… period? The athlete, weekend warrior, and desk jocky all have this one thing in common. If we create an eating plan on the foundation of it being real, whole foods, we’re far less likely to pack on pounds at any time of year, regardless of training volume, tempting treats left in the office, or shorter periods of daylight making it easier to hit snooze and stay

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Nell’s Corner: National Bacon Lover’s Day August 20th

August 20th is “National Bacon Lover’s Day” so what better time to fry some up with your runny eggs and spinach, dice it up on top of a salad or wrap a piece around a pitted date for a decadent dessert? But wait one moment… is bacon really a food that can be part of an authentic Paleo approach? Without a doubt; so long as it is properly sourced,  the cleanest options are chosen and it’s something we include as a once in a while food versus other protein / fat options like wild salmon which can be eaten more

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Nell’s Corner: Keeping Your Kids on Track While on Summer Vacation

Chicken nuggets, pizza and spaghetti.     That’s just a few of the items seen all too commonly on the ‘kid’s’ section of a menu at eateries ranging from upscale to the local hole in the wall. And while many parents are becoming more and more aware of how important it is to be conscientious of what their children are eating at home and at school. all too often even the best eating strategies can go out the window when it comes to dining on vacation. If the parents’ mindset is such that eating on vacation necessitates making less than ideal

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Navigating the Farmer’s Market / Top Finds for June

What did you gather today at your local market? Was it what you had planned? Contrary to what one might think, heading to the farmer’s market without a list can actually be quite fun and liberating. Why? Because it allows you the opportunity to purchase only what is in season where you live and then get your creative juices flowing, based on what you’ve found, once you’re back in the comfort of your own kitchen (or backyard fire pit!). And with summer at our doorstep, even those who live in areas without abundant year-round produce, can turn to the very

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Nell’s Corner: Getting Beach Body Ready – Top Five Tips to Burn Fat

It sounds like a gimmick, doesn’t it? Well, it would be if the top five tips focused on pills, powders, and packaged shake mixes that often have some side effects and frequently don’t even offer lasting results. But what if we take a more natural, soundproof approach to turning our bodies into better fat burners instead? How do we do this? By changing what we eat. Some may be surprised to learn that one of the most effective strategies for getting more efficient at using fat rather than carbohydrate as our fuel is to eat more of the very thing

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Nell’s Corner: Gaining Perspective On Athletic Injury

It’s no surprise to say that following an authentic Paleo approach to eating would help support the demands of an athlete’s physical training routine. Low in sugar, rich in nutrient dense organ meats, abundant in leafy greens, and balanced out with a variety of  natural fats, this common sense manner of eating truly does provide all we human animals need to thrive during our day-to-day routines and to achieve our goals as athletes. But even the most idyllic eating pattern can’t make up for physical wear and tear that the body undergoes when pushed to or past its limits. Despite

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Nell’s Corner: Boring, Bland and Blah?

The easiest thing you can do to make food taste better? Add fat. Seriously. Don’t get me wrong; I actually love the taste of steamed broccoli, a plateful of arugula with lemon and pepper, or a platter of crudités… but none are exactly all that satiating on their own. Plus, for someone who’s new to adding veggies to their meals, preparing them in a way that feels too plain could be the difference between developing a healthy new habit and reinforcing the idea that veggies are boring – indefinitely. So what’s the answer? Go to culinary school. Just teasing. Sure,

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Nell’s Corner: Global Paleo

Take a step back and think about what an authentic Paleo approach is really all about. It’s eating foods which grow locally, seasonally, and in balance (leafy green plants and wild animals), which are easily and readily available to us in our farmer’s markets, health food stores, and even in our own back yards. Consider, for a moment, if we lived in an environment where this was the only type of food we had access to – no packaged items, no prepared frozen foods, no restaurants. Would we still need to use a label on what we were eating? This

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