A Chronicle of Hominids and Aurochs

Hominids and Aurochs | The Paleo DietA Chronicle of Hominids and Aurochs Excerpt

Ever wonder how humans and cows first connected and how people came to eat beef steaks? We’re giving you the first look at the long line of evolutionary history between cows and humans that finally led to Big Macs.

It could be argued that the single most important animal domestication event in human history was taming Bos primigenius (common name: aurochs). Of the world’s medium to large sized mammals, the global cattle population, 1.355 billion, (FAO 2007) is second only to humans, 6.67 billion (United Nations 2008:11). Cattle occupy 30% of the earth’s land mass and supply humanity with 85% of its milk and dairy products, 65% of its leather, and 24.2% of the world’s meat (FAO, 2007).

Long before aurochs domestication and present day economic importance, hominids and aurochs have maintained an extensive co-evolutionary chronicle.

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