Myths of the USDA Food Groups

Myths of the USDA Food Groups | The Paleo DietMyths of the USDA Food Groups Excerpt

The impetus for this article comes indirectly from U.S. News and World Reports (USNWR) which issued their annual ratings of popular Best Diets for 2014. As per their 2011, 2012 and 2013 evaluations, the DASH diet was rated number one by a panel of nutritional and health “experts,” and The Paleo Diet again emerged last out of 32 diets which were considered. We have previously addressed the USNWR report as it relates to the Paleo Diet in extensive detail. Further, I have added a few important points which can be found in my 2014 Rebuttal to the USNWR. One of
the issues USNWR cited about the Paleo Diet was that “by shunning dairy and grains, you’re at risk of missing out on a lot of nutrients.” Grains and dairy are considered two distinct “food groups” by the USDA in their My Plate (formerly The Food Pyramid) dietary recommendations. Hence, both the USDA and the USNWR article implies that these two food groups are fundamental requirements for good human nutrition.

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