Wild Michael’s Pacific Cod Sauté Recipe

This fresh, wild fish dish comes from a modern-day Paleo warrior who has a love for anything that comes from the ocean.  The unique combination of fresh spices and coconut oil give this dish it’s sweet and savory aroma. Pair it with some fresh greens and a side of pineapple for a delightful dining experience.  If you can’t be on a tropical island, this Paleo Diet meal will take you there with the first bite! Ingredients: 2 wild caught Pacific cod filets 2 tablespoons organic coconut oil 1 teaspoon each: fresh sage, rosemary, and lavender. 1 cup fresh, sliced mushrooms

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Paleo Oxtail Stew Recipe

At The Paleo Diet, a freezer full of grass fed, organically grown beef offers a variety of cooking choices not always found at your local grocer. One of our favorite dishes, especially during the winter months, is a deliciously slow cooked oxtail stew. This cut comes from, you guessed it, the tail of the cow. The round bones of the tail contain enough meat to combine with fresh veggies and spices to make a Paleo comfort food that will take the chill off the winter freeze. Slow cook in a crock pot while you are out for the day and

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Fun Ways to Keep Fit in the Winter

With the 2018 Winter Olympics upon us, you may be rethinking those excuses that it’s “too cold outside”. We’ve all been guilty of using the dark morning and the bone-chilling weather as an excuse not to workout during the winter. You’re not alone, but that doesn’t mean you should go with the flow. Studies (1) show that  not exercising in winter leads to:    A 20 percent decrease in cardiopulmonary fitness within just three to eight weeks of not exercising    A loss of whatever advantages they gained over time   A Higher rate of reverting to a sedentary lifestyle within three to

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Seven Paleo Lifestyle Tips Getting in Touch With Your Inner Caveman

Going paleo, for most people, is a lot more than just a diet fad or a way to lose weight, it’s a way of life. There are a lot of things to be said for reaching back through your ancestors and treating your body the way it evolved to be treated. We didn’t spend thousands of years hunting and gathering, eating nuts, berries, and nearly raw meat in order to kick back noshing nothing but bleached white flour and partially hydrogenated corn syrup. In fact, we didn’t even evolve to eat specific meals, as the vast majority of the people

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Your Paleo Answers – Most Common FAQ About The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is not anything new. It has been around for centuries. At its core, The Paleo Diet takes food back to its roots, sometimes literally. Whole foods, lean protein, organic and non-GMO foods are the basis of a paleo diet. Going Paleo is a choice that will positively affect your entire life. By eliminating excess sugars, added preservatives, and processed foods, your diet is filled with nutrient- and mineral-rich sustenance. But with all the research available on print and online, there are still many questions that sceptics of The Paleo Diet have. Here is a list of some

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Going Paleo in 2018 

You’ve probably heard about it by now. It’s in coffee shops across the nation, at grocery stores and snagging magazine headlines: The Paleo Diet. Just what is it and how can it help you in 2018? The Paleo diet has received a lot of attention in response to the American health epidemic. When two-thirds of the population is overweight, as a nation, we need to change something. The Paleo diet is caveman basic but it’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a choice. Follow this guide to discover what fits within the parameters of a Paleo Diet. This guideline will give you

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Top Reasons Why You Should Go Paleo

You do what you can to lead a happy and fulfilling life. So, why not do the same for your body? By providing the body with the necessary nutrients, you will sustain not only your physical health, but your overall wellness. Now comes in The Paleo Diet. This diet, also known as a hunter-gatherer diet, is a simplified and natural way of eating based on how our ancestors ate. Eating a Paleo Diet will immerse you with quality foods, including lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables that are nutrient-dense. The Paleo Diet encourages exclusion of processed foods that are low in

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Stephanie Vuolo

What is the Paleo Diet? That was my initial reaction to the term “The Paleo Diet” when I started working out at a CrossFit gym 10 years ago. A fellow gym member gave me a quick synopsis of what it entailed, which was enough to get me intrigued. Going grain-free specifically, seemed to be just what I needed to improve my health. Food was a huge part of my childhood. My father’s side of the family is Italian and we would all gather on Sunday for a feast starting with morning pastries, continuing to big plates of pasta with bread,

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Dr. Cordain Interview for Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

I was recently interviewed by a reporter representing “The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics” which was formerly known as “The American Dietetic Association (ADA)” This organization certifies registered dietitian nutritionists in the United States. University level nutrition students must have met academic and professional requirements including an earned bachelor’s degree with coursework approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND).   The official magazine of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, is called “Food and Nutrition” which reaches a readership of approximately 40,000 Registered Dieticians. Unfortunately, due to the length

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Capers, a Paleo Condiment

As a wee lad of 11 during the summer of 1962, I remember an adventure with my father in his bright red, 1953 Studebaker Commander as we drove from Carson City, Nevada to Highway 341(the Comstock Highway), then up the canyon past Silver City, past Gold Hill and eventually arriving at our destination, the old Virginia City, Nevada refuse dump.  We spent an entire Saturday morning there digging for antique bottles. Father and son had a great day together.  We uncovered two spectacular bottles that I have kept in my possession to this day.  The first bottle was dazzling, emerald

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